Wednesday 7 January 2009

Get Your Weekly Poem

Oxford Brookes has set up a email service delivering subscribers a poem once a week. The interesting thing about this venture, to me, is that so far it is supported wholly by smallish presses--Faber, Picador, and Cape aren't among them.


  1. This looks like a very interesting idea - good on Oxford Brookes for starting it up.

    Shame Faber, Picador and Cape aren't involved, as you point out - perhaps we'll see them sign up at a later date.

  2. Hi, Ben. I don't think it's a shame Faber, Cape and Picador aren't involved; I think it's a great way for the small presses to receive more attnention, usually usurped by those larger presses.

  3. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Thanks for this, Carrie.

    All credit to the "small" presses, I say, and ya-boo to the big who, with their apparently diminishing lists, seem to be motivated not perhaps as much by literary merit as by their own self-interest, supporting/publishing only that which they are sure they can benefit from or shift.

    Poetry publishing definitely has its back to the wall... but it's perhaps the nature of the beast that under such conditions small is shown to be what it is said to be: beautiful!? :)) Poetic justice, perhaps? I certainly hope there is a noticeable increase in the market share of the independents as a result of such initiatives.

    For poetry and poets themselves, it can only be good.

    Helen Pizzey