Monday 19 May 2008

Here's Disbelief

Last week, I've just learned, my youngest sister signed her rights to her two oldest children over to the State of Illinois. The story of her second round of drug addiction, loss of her children first to my parents and later to foster care, stint in detox, months seeing the children on a regular visit day, then a "dirty screen" just as she was about to get them back, &c. began in the summer of '06. After this most recent development, it looks like the drama may conclude with my sister Laura and her husband becoming foster parents to Katelyn, 10, and Alex, 3 on Saturday, going to his father Bryan, Joanna's husband, and so essentially returning to Bryan and Joanna.

I'm planning on doing something special with Katie when I go home and having more contact with her once she's at Laura's, but I know how little anything can weigh in the balance against what she's gone through. The last time I was home she asked me to write a story with her as a character in it; I'm going to have to take that up.

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