Tuesday 13 October 2015

Linda Lamus's A Crater the Size of Calcutta (Mulfran, 2015), second selection

Hell’s Angels

A nurse shows me photos of a biker party.
Her boyfriend stands with others, part-clad
in leathers, cocks dangling in pints of lager.

Other nurses begin circling, moving in.
They cluster on my bed, hyena cackles
attracting more.  Their pink claws snatch
at the photos; they salivate, white teeth snapping.

The Great Suit stalks through the ward followed
by whirling white coats.
Holiday snaps?    it’s bored, rhetorical.
The hyenas collapse laughing.  One rolls onto
my cotton savannah

and clutches her sides.
Another slides, hysterical,

to the blood-spotted floor.

You can purchase a copy by emailing the publisher at leona at mulfran dot co dot uk with a shipping address, and she will send the book with an invoice for £9 (thus no charge for shipping).

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