Saturday, 16 February 2013

Edward Dorn's Collected Poems (Carcanet, 2012), second selection (The Newly Fallen, 1961)

Some favourite passages from this book:

...oh mother
I remember your year-long stare
across plowed flat prairielands.

last lines of "3 Farm Poems"

...what a grey morning I am.

from "The Open Road"

March us home through the spring rain
the belief, the relief
of sunday occasion.

...the triumph of a march
in which no one
is injured.

from "Sousa"

...may their failure be kindly, and come
in small unnoticeable pieces.

last lies of "Like a Message on Sunday"

The slight stories of explanation
were never meant to be remembered, they are
as change, counted, and then pocketed:

                                       O was one
of their determining inventions
zero, for an empty class, a symbol for nothing,
endowed the void.

from "Our Camp"

Now the yellow strings
Of dusk hang in the air....

from "A Country Song"


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