Wednesday 15 December 2010

Amy De'Ath's first pamphlet, Erec & Enide

Section VII of "Poetry for Boys":

Down dampen sully unknown

because you ate the sunshine,

asunder among the porch-light

a tune to know, of history’s mesh

an epistolary flash of deer

young, always in fashion, in brave

pursuit, climbing down a piece

of fruit to get to the last boy in

town, who ate the town and

whipped his jacket up to the

wind and ripened on a cloud,

a compensating cloud in glut, and

he fell down, he fell upon those

vandals, he was a feat of sunshine.

Amy De'Ath

Erec & Enide

Salt Publishing, 2010

Salt Publishing's page for Erec & Enide, with links for purchasing, can be found here.

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