Saturday, 26 June 2010

Local artists

There's a thriving arts community in the West Country. Three artists whose work I like are Alexandra Becker, painter, Jane Gibson, ceramicist, and Trevor Lillistone, ceramicist. I'll add Maxine Foster once the digitial photos on her website reflect more accurately the vibrancy of colour in her work, and I'm sure there are many others whose work I don't know--introduce me?


  1. Anonymous8:30 am

    I love two sea-inspired ceramicists, Carrie... surprise, surprise! Here's a link to their recent Dorset Preview in Weymouth that I attended. Holly Sandham creates beautiful "recepticles" that are mute and subtle in colour and tone, yet overlaid with the tiniest details of sea items: shells, snakes, fish, etc. Rose Marie James' work is in bold and primary colour, strongly suggestive of the spray of crashing waves, and she likes to create more geometric designs. Linda Browne, who's recurring theme is/was an abstract tulip motif, is another enduring favourite.

    And a bonus for me was that Holly Sandham's husband recognised my name on the the cheque I used in payment and recounted in glorious detail a poem of mine that he had read somewhere - talk about AMAZED! Think he must have picked up a copy of Sparks, the Bath Spa MA Anthology from 2006, so let this be of encouragement to all of us who often wonder whether our poetic labours of love are seen or heard beyond us "putting them out there"!


    Helen P

  2. Anonymous8:43 am

    PS... Actually, looking at the selection you have listed, I think you might really love my local guy, Ian Harris, a mile down the road at Corfe Castle. He works heavy clays and porcelains into really solid objects, based on earthy subjects like seeds...

    Enjoy! :))

    H xx