Monday, 22 February 2010

Infinite Difference, sampler no. 3: Lucy Sheerman's "Mine"


The heart honeycombed; its collected spread
of prospects accrued in court precincts. Late
afternoon. Windows blazing. Walls gilded.
Sudden Suburban stillness. Sunbury.

Gold seams thread the fabric of the in thing
necklace boxed unthreading thirty years from
hand to throat spun into strands. Locketed.
The ache worn threadbare. Later years alter.

Settling. Sedimentary. Paint coats
over paint work. The lustre lost. Wake a
while. Blanket folds under fingers unfurled.
Feathers, leaves, stones, square the edges. Weighted

Down. Memories sink sleep deeper unmazed.
A king's picture--as I had dreamt of him--
chest covered in blood; heart on the outside.
Don't worry. Sound carries meaning intact.

Lucy Sheerman

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