Thursday 9 October 2008

Lorine Niedecker's North Central (London: Fulcrum, 1968)

NB: as Blogger does not allow indention (as far as I know), the placement of lines is sometimes incorrect.

Beauty: impurities in the rock

"Lake Superior"

We are what the seas
have made us

longingly immense


Ah your face
but it's whether
you can keep me warm


Sewing a dress

The need
these closed-in days

to move before you
and color-elated

in a favorable wind



Holed damp
cellar-black beyond
the main atrocities
my sense of propriety's

"Traces of Living Things"

(I miss the gulls)

mourn the loss
of people
no wild bird does

"Wintergreen Ridge"


  1. Anonymous11:32 am

    Effort lay in us
    before religions
    at pond bottom
    All things move toward
    the light

    except those
    that freely work down
    to oceans' black depths
    In us an impulse tests
    the unknown


    Not all harsh sounds displease -
    Yellowhead blackbirds cough
    through reeds and fronds
    and through pronged bronze

    "Paean to Place"

  2. Hi Carrie. A bit of boring, but hopefully useful, advice: one way to create a false but effective indentation is to prefix the line with three or four Xs (eg. xxxtext here) and then set the colour of the Xs to the background colour of your blog. Obviously if people highlight the text the trick's undone, but otherwise it works quite well.