Thursday 10 January 2008


Hurrah! Alan Baker, editor of Leafe Books, wrote the other day to say that the proofs of my pamphlet were coming in the post, so I expected a sheaf of pages. Instead, I received a mock-up of it, with Susan Mackervoy's evocative etchings gracing the front and back covers. It's exciting to have Yet's publication around the corner and a pleasure to think I'll once again have a proper selection of my work to share. I also feel, rereading the manuscript, that it coheres, with a poetics of consciousness interweaving with a sociopolitical sensibility. (I hope that statement makes sense to someone besides me.)

1 comment:

  1. Good news, Carrie. Do let me know when its available to buy: I look forward to reading more of your work beyond that which I see so often in the TLS!

    Speaking of which, I'm assured my poem should be surfacing in the near future.