Wednesday 3 October 2007

The Tethers

I am delighted to announce that my first collection, The Tethers, will be published by Seren Books in 2009.

But it's even better than that--I have a whole publishing schedule.

January 2008: Leafe Press publishes my pamphlet, Yet.
Late 2008: Shearsman Books publishes the anthology of innovative UK women poets I'm editing.
2009: The Tethers.
2010 (about a year after The Tethers, but date tbc): Shearsman Books publishes my second collection, Divining for Starters.

It's like I have two first books--more or less "mainstream" work in The Tethers, avant garde work in Divining, and Yet is a selection of poems from Divining.

My great thanks to everyone's who supported me and my work over the years!


  1. Anonymous8:33 pm


    That is fantastic news!


    Will everything be available in the States? On Amazon, yes; I have ordered British books...Oh! I guess I am answering my own questions now...Sorry!

  2. Thanks so much for the warm response!

    Yes, I expect everything to be available on Amazon, but as you can see from the dates, it'll be a while yet!