Sunday 13 May 2007

Hospital No. 3

Since I arrived back in England two and a half weeks ago, I've taken to calling home every 2-3 days, as Dad's condition was more or less constant and stable. Tonight I called him at Provena, and the phone rang and rang, so I hung up and called my mother's mobile. "Guess where we are," she said upon answering. Dad has been moved back to town to treat his resistant blood infection, but now they are St. Joseph's instead of BroMenn. When I asked about his condition, it sounded as though he hasn't worsened, so I really don't understand what this infection is about or why it's so troubling he'd be moved. That's one problem with the distance--you can't go to anyone else for clarification or answers.

Mom also said this meant that the "clock" would start over again, should he need to return to Provena afterwards. How long can this last? He's been in hospital 3 months and 11 days; I hardly know what to say to distract or cheer him. I want him well. I want to wake up.

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