Monday 26 February 2007

Just breathe

At last, some good news--and it's great news. Dad's now breathing on his own. He won't have to go away to a special rehab clinic to retrain his diaphragm; whatever recuperation he needs, he'll be able to be home with his family and friends. They've also removed the dialysis catheter, so his fluid levels must be sufficiently lowered and manageable now. In the next few days he'll be moved out of ICU.

I can hardly believe it. His downturn was so bad, so fast, that I prepared for the worst and imagined myself spending my April visit between his clinic and the family home. Just two days ago a clinic representative came to speak to Mom and evaluate Dad's condition, to decide which rehab centre he should go to.

The last big question is whether he will be paralysed in his lower body. That seems small beer in contrast with what we anticipated, but of course it is huge and I am hoping the fact that he has pain response means that in time he'll be able to walk again. Oh, I can't wait to hear his voice again--that will be wonderful.

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