Friday 6 October 2006

Imagined Sons

is finished as of last night. I can't quite believe it. I wrote the first poem for it in 1995, but became engrossed with the manuscript as a project in February; it's occupied a great part of my consciousness since.

What does it mean for a manuscript to be finished? All the poems feel essentially done, and all demand inclusion in the manuscript. Weak poems have been weeded out. There's an order that makes sense without feeling too technical. I expect to revise and move around poems in response to feedback, but I don't anticipate drastic changes--though I'll consider anything my respondents have to say.

Matt and I went for last orders at The Dandy Lion to celebrate, and, bless him, he read the manuscript straight through while I wrote in my journal and restrained from speaking until he began.

The next stage will be to share it with a very few trusted readers for feedback while continuing to circulate the poems to magazines, which began only recently. I'll report my progress from time to time here.

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