Thursday 2 March 2006

Lovesick and homesick

Hello, all. My partner is teaching in Italy for the next week, and I haven't seen my family since late December, so I'm missing everyone at the moment and thought I'd post this photo of Matt and my nephew Nathan, from Matt and I's Christmas visit to my folks.

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  1. I have to say this...aaaaah! (-;

    I had great fun at the last Bath Spa Readings event. Niall O’Sullivan and Kimberley Trusty aren't just neat poets, but have a great sense of humour off and on stage.

    This was another one of those events that goes well with anyone not quite sure if they'd like poetry ever again.

    all my best, except for the bad news that they still haven't put on another barrel of Marstons, but I'll check tonight and try to report back to you!