Sunday 8 May 2005

Current Issues

I've been writing more in fits and starts lately, I think because for once all my teaching is in the writing of poetry! What pleasure! I've just finished teaching Start Writing Poetry, an online course, for Open University, and I'm in the midst of teaching the third-year module in writing poetry and the MA poetry workshop at Bath Spa University College.

Most particular to my own interests is my new course on The Prose Poem for The Poetry School in London. In ten weeks, I take students through the form's predominant tendencies, the most common types of prose poem, and the place of the prose poem in contemporary British poetry, through discussions, exercises, and workshops. I'd be glad to hear from fellow practioners of the prose poem via my e-mail address in my personal profile.

My poem, "As If To Say," appears in the new issue of Soundings, and three new poems have just been accepted for the next issue of Tenth Muse.

On 16 May, I'll be reading with John McAuliffe at The Octagon Theatre in Bolton, in The Bolton Institute's reading series. I'm also reading in August on the Crossing the Line series at The Poetry Cafe in London--more on that closer to the date.

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