Friday 4 February 2005

Current Issues

"Awake" and "Short Break" appear in the new issue of Critical Survey, 16.3 (2004), though I'm sorry to report that the latter, a prose poem, is not right-justified as it should be. Given that the magazine mostly publishes academic essays, it can be found in many university libraries.

My review of Ruth Padel's The Soho Leopard appears in the new issue of Poetry Review.

"Axes for Crutches" appeared in the 21 January 2005 issue of The Times Literary Supplement.

In the last few weeks, I've received word of three more forthcoming appearances. "Here Comes the Sun," "Occasional Poem," and "Outpost" will be in PN Review 162. "The Cult of the Eye" and "Horace's Wet Clothes" will be reprinted in the US magazine, Faultline, while "The Honeymoon of Our Attraction" will make its first appearance in Columbia University's journal, Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art.